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Blue Light Blocking Glasses Reviews & Testimonials

Hear what the customers of Dr. S Eyewear have to say about the blue light blocking glasses that block up to 99% of harmful light. Want to leave us feedback or check out more reviews on Dr. S Eyewear? Check out any one of our product pages for more reviews or to leave your own.

"Well made: light, strong, no field-of-view distortion. The lenses are dark enough for a prelude to sleep yet not so dark as to make it uncomfortable to watch TV or to read on kindle. The slim hard plastic case seems made for long-term easy protective storage. These clip-on glasses exceed my expectations: good value." -  Ehud B.

"I see a D.O. who highly recommends using blue light blocking glasses, so I ordered these based on the Dr. Recommendation. I have been using the glasses for two weeks now, here is what I am experiencing. I wear reading glasses, a 1.5x magnifier. I just clip these on to the readers, then can flip them up when not on the computer. I find it took me a week or so to get used to looking at the screen with these on. Now, I don't want to look at my computer without them. Personally, this may just be placebo, I find that I sleep better, or have what I would say is a deeper sleep. I understand there are many other benefits to using Blue Light blocking glasses, but this is what I have noticed so far. The glasses are of good quality, come in a nice travel case and the company shipped product timely. I am very pleased." - Deborah S.

"I received my eye wear and am so happy. When I got my new glasses I didn't have the anti-glare put on because no matter how careful when cleaning the coating would get all scratched up. Unfortunately the glare was so bad it was really hard to read anything. I needed some relief. I found your website and ordered the 2 eye wear clip ons as you know. When I put the clip on's that I purchased for when reading on the computer I was amazed at how clear everything was. Before the glare of everything was putting a strain on my eyes. With the clip on eye wear the tiredness went away. It is wonderful being able to see clearly again. I havent tried the other pair yet because it has been so cloudy but i am sure i will be very happy with them." - Doris

"I bought my first pair of blue blockers and grad school as I was staring at a screen so much throughout the day and now in the workplace, I do so even more. I decided since I wear them every day, it was probably time to upgrade from the cheap first pair I bought, and I cannot express how worth it that was. These glasses claim to block out up to 99% of blue light, and I believe it. Staring at a screen for 9 hours a day takes its toll and the eye strain/ heavy eye feeling I would have at the end of the day is gone with these. I even wear these while watching tv at night and can notice a difference falling asleep. I highly recommend picking up a pair to anyone on the fence." - Kenneth M.

"I usually do not write reviews however these glasses have had an overall impact on my health so I wanted to spread some info. I myself am a physician and struggle with getting good sleep. I had read multiple articles on blue light impacts on your circadian rhythm and how it ruins sleep for people. So I started doing some research and went through multiple brands and noticed one important feature that these glasses had above the other online brands. The Dr. S glasses actually block over 95% of blue light which other brands may only block 50 or 60%. Even the iPhone blue light nighttime feature only blocks 50-60% of the blue light. I even emailed the Dr. S contract email and got an immediate response with the proof of how well the glasses work. I was very happy with the customer service since we exchanged multiple messages. Overall, my sleep has significantly improved. I even find myself sometimes wearing these out to dinner since they allow you to be stylish while protecting your circadian rhythm. I recommend Dr. S above the rest. " - Dr. AB

"I usually get about 5 hours of sleep daily and by the time I get home from work I am exhausted. Unfortunately at home I have to deal with my personal emails, paying bills, and family on social media. I noticed my eyes became tired and my head would start to hurt after a few minutes staring at the computer screen. I would turn down the brightness, rest my eyes for a few minutes, and even eat a snack to try and relieve my pain. The only solution was to close my eyes and sleep, but in my life it was not an option. The only thing that works for me and keep me going ALL day are the Dr. S glasses. Thank you Dr. S for helping me stay awake and pain free to pursue my Dreams!" - Fredy E.

"My migraines are gone since I have started using these glasses. I use them while on the computer and generally when I'm walking around outside. My eyes are less strained, less tired and I get a lot of compliments while wearing them. Great product and it is solid. I have dropped them multiple times and there are no scratches or blemishes. I also purchased a bunch for my employees to use while on the computer and they love their new glasses! I definitely recommend anybody and everybody purchasing these blue light blocking glasses!" - Edwin

"Blue light is so bad for your eyes. Monitors, ipads, TVs, iPhones etc. all emit blue light. I'm on a computer all day so it was imperative that I protect my eyesight. Bought the blue light filtering glasses and now my eyes feel relaxed. No more strain or redness. So happy to get these glasses. Thank you!!!" - April

"Great Glasses. As a medical student, you spend countless hours reading, and doing practice questions on the computer. I got these before I started studying for my boards, and wore them during my boards. Eye fatigue was not a factor at all. I recommend to all students. I purchased a different pair of glasses from another maker, and there is a night and day difference between these and those other ones. These are my go to. Thank you for a great product and thank you for saving my eyes." - Shant P.

"I was wearing the glasses to drive on a sunny day - although they are not dark lenses and almost make things seem brighter - they are restful for the eyes and they do cut glare. But the thing I like best came as a total surprise... While driving that same day, the sky got suddenly dark and cloudy and heavy rain began to fall. I was on a 6 lane highway at the time but I was able to keep going at a steady pace because I could see the road despite the heavy downpour and road mist! I remembered that I had on the glasses so I removed them thinking it would help since I no longer needed them for the sun, but I was wrong! Without the glasses, I was barely able to see the road even though I had my wipers on high so I immediately put the glasses back on and was shocked at the improvement in my ability to see through the fog and mist! I will now always keep them in my car and continue to wear them on rainy days! I haven't yet used them at night but I'm sure they must have the same effect! You should rename them Rain or Shine glasses!!" - Linda


"I meant to send this email yesterday. I received my glasses on Monday, ordered them on Wednesday, and this has been THE fastest shipping EVER! I also want to mention that the glasses are AMAZING! I actually have a little headache right now, and these glasses are dimming the lights to where it is manageable to look at a computer screen all day. I can also see in the dark and in inclement weather. The best thing is I feel I can wear them all day. I feel less anxious as well. Overall, I think these glasses are awesome and I want to get more and get at least a pair for my fiancé when we get a chance, he would love these too. I'm super glad I took a chance. Thank you." - Amanda A.