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Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

Whether we like it or not as parents, we know kids will always want to be on the latest device playing games and talking with friends, so why aren't we protecting their eyes while they do so? The benefits of blue blocking glasses have been researched and proven to reduce dry eyes, eye strain, and the risk of eye disease. Your child will also get a better night's sleep using blue light glasses during the day. Finding the best blue light blocking glasses for kids can be difficult but Dr. S's kids computer glasses make the decision easy. The temple of these blue light blocking glasses for kids is soft and flexible, allowing them to fit as your child grows. The blue blocker glasses from Dr. S block 99% of blue light, unlike other brands.

Reasons why kids should wear blue light blocking glasses:

  • Supports a consistent sleep schedule
  • Protects the retina from eye damage
  • Doubles as sunglasses to protect against blue light and harsh UV rays
  • Reduces eye strain and fatigue
  • Prevents symptoms of dry eyes
  • Protects eyes from radiation
  • Allows for damage-free development of eyes as child grows
  • Clearer vision with anti-glare and anti-reflective coating
  • Prevents general eye damage when using tablets and phones
  • And more!