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Dr. S Blue Blockers

Use Dr. S blue light blocker glasses for your computer, phone, or other devices to prevent headaches, disrupted sleep, dry eyes, and other side effects of the light.

Blue Light Blocker Technology

Studies show that blue light can significantly impact your sleep, your brain, and eyes, that's why all the latest phones are starting to feature blue light blocking features. However, those filters can only do so much and don't block enough blue light to make a significant difference. With the Dr. S blue light blocking glasses for men, women, and kids, eye strain, sleep problems, headaches, and other symptoms won't be an issue. With the blue light blocker technology approved by Dr. S, a licensed optometrist, these blue blockers block up to 99% of light, over  30% more than the closest competitor. Additionally, Dr. S has created reading glasses and polarized sunglasses that are more durable and flexible than drug-store brand.

Research Proves Relief from headaches, sleep disruption, eye strain, glare, light sensitivity, visual fatigue, dry eyes