Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light with the blue light blocking glasses from Dr. S Eyewear. The screens you stare at every day; computers, tablets, phones, all emit blue light, which can cause a variety of negative side effects. When you wear blue light blocking glasses while using the devices, you can prevent disruption to your sleep cycle and circadian rhythm. The blue blocking glasses from Dr. S Eyewear are the only blue blockers on the market designed by a licensed optometrist. The blue light blocking lenses block up to 99% of blue light, where other popular brands only block 65%. Shop below for blue blocker glasses in kids and adult sizes. 

Some of the top benefits of blue light blocking glasses include:

  • Blocks the disruption of circadian rhythm
  • Maintains steady melatonin production in your body
  • Improvement in the symptoms of mania after continued use
  • Better sleeping habits
  • Prevents damage to the DHA essential fat which converts sunlight into DC electric current
  • Protects the distance between proteins to ensure efficient mitochondria production
  • Improves dry eyes, eye strain, and eye fatigue
  • Protects against UV rays as well as blue light
  • Prevents radiation damage
  • & many more