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Eyewear Patent

In 2013, Dr. Mariana A. Salmasi, O.D. created her first eyewear patent while still in Optometry School, however, this was not her first time in design. Dr. S is a multi-talented optometrist: when she is not working as an Optometrist, Mariana is dabbling in her other favorite activities as an avid designer and artist. This coupled with her passion for helping others, she created a designer eyewear frame ornamentation patent comprising a retaining coupler that:

  • Is a resilient member that detachably couples onto a frame
  • Has sufficient bulk to frictionally retain and hold a detachably mounted ornament
  • Is covered by the ornament to be substantially inconspicuous. 

Details of the patent and eyewear frame can be found here: US 20150062527 A1

Dr S Blue Blockers us patent