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Benefits of Blue Blocker Glasses

Studies show that blue light can significantly impact your sleep, your brain, and your eyes. In a digital age where we spend significant amounts of time looking at computer, TV and phone screens, the average person is exposed to blue light daily. That's why more people are turning to blue light blocking computer glasses to help protect their eyes. If you regularly use digital devices, you need our blue light filtering glasses for men, women, or kids!

Dr. S blue light blocking glasses help prevent eye strain, sleep problems, headaches, and other symptoms caused by blocking up to 99% of blue light. The expensive blue blockers sold by most eyewear companies only block around 30%! Our blue blockers are effective, affordable, and ideal for practically everyone’s situation with digital devices. Whether you’re a competitive gamer, a software engineer, or a parent seeking to protect their child’s eyes when they watch TV, you’ll always find a good use for Dr. S blue blocking glasses.

Additionally, Dr. S has created unisex reading glasses that are more durable and flexible than drug-store brands. Available in magnifications from +1.50 to +2.75, each pair can be customized to your specific visual needs.

Research proves blue blockers offer relief from headaches, sleep disruption, eye strain, glare, light sensitivity, visual fatigue, and dry eyes.