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Hello, my name is Dr. Mariana Salmasi, O.D. but you can call me Dr. S.  I am a licensed Optometrist and have been practicing for over three years.  In 2013, I published my first eyewear patent.  I always had a gut feeling that staring at computer screens was bad for your eyes.  Studies have confirmed that there is a blue light that is emitted from our computers, IPads and smartphones that is harmful to not only our eye health but also our sleeping patterns.  After learning about this, I decided to make superior protection. It took several trials to finally design a lens with the maximum blue light filter.  Each pair of Dr. S Blue Blockers are tested before shipped out.  In addition, I have compared my blue blockers to that of my 'competitors' and I can proudly say that Dr. S Blue Blockers offer the maximum blue light filter.  The best part is I have price matched with the others on the market.  I am very proud of my glasses and I know you will be too! Get your Dr. S Blue Blockers now. I also sell high quality reading glasses and polarized lens clips which I will discuss in another blog. 



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