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Why Everyone With Prescription Glasses Should Have Blue Light Blocking Clip-Ons

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Using your computer, smartphone, and other devices for numerous hours each day can have a long-term effect on your eyes and overall health. If you wear prescription glasses, adding blue light blocking clip-on glasses while using digital devices can help emit blue light, limiting damage to retinal cells and the macular pigment

At the least, blue light can cause digital eye strain with symptoms like blurry vision, headaches, and irritated eyes. At the worst, overexposure to blue light can increase the risk of macular degenerations and retinal degenerative diseases. Retinal cells and macular pigment that are severely harmed by blue light can lead to permanent damage or loss of vision. Simply wearing blue light blocking clip-on glasses while using the computer or tablet can reduce risk of these negative health effects.

Blue Light Blocking Clip On Glasses

Protecting your eyes from blue light can practically eliminate digital eye strain on a daily basis and significantly mitigate the risks of retinal degenerative diseases. Due to all the research and studies showing the negative effects of blue light, some digital devices are starting to utilize filters that block blue light. However, these filters don’t block enough blue light to improve the protection of your eyes and health significantly. Dr. S blue light blocking clip-ons, are an effective, convenient, and affordable solution.




Growing awareness has resulted in a variety of products that seek to mitigate the negative effects of blue light, specifically blue light blocker glasses and blue blocking clip-ons. However, the blue light blocking technology approved by Dr. S is unique and superior to even our closest competitors.

Popular brands of blue light blocking glasses and clip-ons only prevent around 65% of blue light from entering the eye. These brands don’t block enough blue light. The clip-ons and glasses offered by Dr. S block 99% of blue light!

The technology we use practically eliminates the dangers of overexposure to blue light from digital devices. Therefore, wearing our convenient and affordable blue light clip-on glasses when using your computer, smartphone, tablet, and other digital devices can significantly improve your overall health.



While wearing Dr. S eyewear, you will find that your eyes are no longer strained, dry, and irritated after using your digital devices for long periods of time. Furthermore, headaches and sleep problems that arise from overexposure to blue light may no longer be an issue. More importantly, using our blue light blocking clip-ons greatly reduces the likelihood of suffering from macular degeneration later on in life.


Anti Blue Light Blocking Clip-Ons

Prescription blue blocking glasses are significantly more expensive than our non-prescription versions, and they are typically only capable of blocking around 60% of blue light, compared to our 99% blocking.

If you currently wear prescription glasses or reading glasses, purchasing blue light blocking clip-ons is a convenient solution. You simply clip our lenses onto your existing prescription glasses to block 99% of harmful blue light and protect against UV rays. You don’t have to invest in a whole separate set of prescription glasses specifically designed to block blue light.

Blue Light Blocking Clip-Ons Are Very Affordable

Compared to purchasing prescription glasses or even other popular brands of non-prescription glasses that block blue light from digital devices, our clip-ons and glasses are very affordable. The most popular non-prescription blue light blocking glasses can cost well over $100, and blue light blocking glasses with a prescription can cost upwards of $250.

Our blue light blocking clip-ons are only $48! They’re also made of durable CR-39 lens material, which helps you get even more out of your investment. Best of all, they block 99% of blue light and protect against UV rays. Compared with even our closest competitors, you get greater protection against the effects of blue light for a more affordable price.

Clip-Ons Can Be A Fashion Statement

Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses

“Geek chic” is in, and it’s not going anywhere. That means glasses in general are trending, and clip-ons are particularly hot right now. Blue light blocking clip-ons specifically have an added uniqueness that’s a combination of retro mixed with futuristic flair.

Buying a pair of blue light blocking clip-ons will not only protect your eyes and overall health but also help you to make a bold fashion statement in the process.

If you’re interested in learning more about the effects of blue light or our blue light blocking clip-ons, call or contact Dr. S Eyewear. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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