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5 Ways to Pick the Best Reading Glasses

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Choosing the best reading glassesThe time comes for most when corrective, high-quality reading glasses are needed. There are thousands of frames, lenses and coatings to choose from – it can make anyone’s head spin. And it can be an even more overwhelming experience if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

When shopping for the best reading glasses for your unique vision, there are a few things to keep in mind for getting what you want (and need). The following are five tips for finding quality reading glasses that are durable, comfortable and right for you.

1. Get The Right Magnification

Reading magnification, also referred to as your reading power, is the lens strength of the reading glasses. There are two ways to determine what reading magnification you need in order to see and read without straining your eyes:

  • If you’re shopping from home, use a diopter test. This test chart is readily available and can easily be printed off the internet. The chart includes rows of words (ranging in text size) that correspond to reading glasses strengths. Simply remove your glasses and hold the sheet of paper 14 inches away from your eyes. Continue down the chart until you land on a line that lets your eyes focus and allows you to clearly read. If you have different vision needs in each eye, test each eye individually by covering up one at a time. Whether you’re ordering reading glasses from home or plan on shopping in person, it’s a good idea to have your diopter score in hand.
  • If you’re shopping in a store, try on various glasses. Start by testing out reading glasses with the magnification level determined from your diopter test results. It’s not a bad idea to bring a book to the drugstore or your optometrist's office in order to thoroughly try out various glasses. Test out weaker and stronger pairs to really narrow down your choices. Once you have it down to two magnifications that allow you to see well, choose the lower of the two powers.

Dr. S Eyewear reading glasses are available from +1.50 to +2.75 magnification. If you believe that your reading power is higher than +2.75, you should contact your local eye doctor for help finding the correct reading magnification.

2. Ask What The Lenses Are Made Of

When looking for a pair of high-quality reading glasses, make sure to ask what the lenses are made of. There are several options available when determining the right lens material for your needs.

Many cheap, drugstore-brand reading glasses are made of lightweight and low-cost plastic, which may not last very long. For more durability and break resistance, you'll want a newer lense material, such as polycarbonate. This is what Dr. S Eyewear's affordable Unisex Reading Glasses' lenses are made of.

If you need an extra-strong prescription or have other special needs, you may want to talk to your eye doctor about additional options.

3. Inquire About The Frame Construction

When you’re picking out your frames, the material they’re made of tends to be the last thing on your mind. While plastic frames tend to come in a large range of styles, colors and prices, they’re not the most durable of options. Titanium (metal), on the other hand, is light and extremely flexible.

Another thing to look for when shopping for durable reading glasses is the use of spring hinges. Reading glasses with spring hinges allow for a comfortable yet secure fit that won’t stretch out over time. When opened, small springs within the hinges let the arms extend past the traditional 90-degree range of movement. This flexibility protects the frame from bending and/or snapping, creating virtually unbreakable reading glasses. While drugstore reading glasses normally aren’t created using spring hinges, Dr. S Eyewear reading glasses are.

4. Ensure The Prescription Is Positioned Correctly

Even the highest-quality reading glasses won't improve your vision if the lenses are positioned so that you're not looking through the right parts. That's a downside of the over-the-counter reading glasses you'll find in most stores.

Dr. S Eyewear reading glasses were designed and made according to a precise pupillary distance calculated by a licensed optometrist. This attention to detail was intended to allow you to see as well as possible without the need for a prescription.

5. Don’t Go Too Small

Most frames you see at drugstores or pharmacies are very narrow. This can make it difficult to find the sweet spot to look through and can also cause headaches. When choosing frames, make sure they fit not just your face comfortably, but your nasal bridge and ears as well.

Get Your Dr. S Eyewear Reading Glasses Today

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